Third Child Press web design services helped me obtain a well-thought out, easily navigable,  professional-looking website within a short period of time and at a reasonable cost.  They listened attentively to my needs and designed the site with my purposes in mind.  Although I am a novice at technical things, they helped me learn the ropes in order to make simple changes and manage the site on my own.  TCP responded to questions within twenty-four to forty-eight hours and was respectful of my ideas throughout the process.  I would recommend Third Child Press to anyone who needs a good website for personal or business reasons.

~Meg Corrigan, Christian Author and Motivational Speaker, author of Then I Am Strong, Moving from my Mother’s Daughter to God’s Child. www.megcorrigan.com

Having recently published, and realizing how important imaging is, I was compelled to go to a professional for my website.  Tom Keyes, whom I admired from the moment I met him, has put together a striking, clean, and informative site that not only compliments my work, but is sure to stimulate sales.  His skillful, adaptive approach to quality and content gave me exactly what I needed.

~Karl Vanghen, author, My Enemy, My Beloved. www.karlvanghen.com

After finalizing the manuscript for my book, Weight-Loss Apocalypse, Diane was highly recommended to me as a final reviewer/editor.  I didn’t necessarily think there was a need, but after receiving her suggestions, additions, changes and modifications, it was clear that Diane knows what the reader needs. Her expertise transformed complex and difficult to understand  information into words and phrases the reader could identify with and understand.  I am very fortunate to have been referred to Third Child Press and Diane Keyes. She made all the difference!

~Robin Phillips Woodall, author, Weight-Loss Apocalypse. weightlossapocalypse.blogspot.com