This Sold House

This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today’s Market

The winner of two Midwest Book Awards, This Sold House by Diane Keyes is an entertaining, easy-to-read do-it-yourself staging book designed to help sellers sell their homes quickly and for the highest price. Filled with hundreds of quick, easy, low- and no-cost ideas, tips, and techniques, it gives home sellers all the information they need to create the most marketable property with the least amount of money, time and effort.  NO decorating savvy required!

This book not only shows sellers how to attract buyers and get the best price, it contains the eight keys to a quick sale, the seven secrets of successful staging and a detailed checklist to make the process foolproof.

Buying a home is an emotional response to how someone feels about a house—it’s about psychology not decorating.  This Sold House shows sellers how to create an environment where buyers feel comfortable because the more comfortable they are in a space the more it feels like home.

Additional information and Diane Keyes’ blog can also be found at the web site for This Sold House.